Start Thinking About Palm Tree Skinning Now!

Start Thinking About Palm Tree Skinning Now!

First Choice Tree Service offers aesthetic palm services, such as, palm skinning, diamond cutting and sculpting. Not only does skinning make your palms look more attractive, it can also prevent scorpions, spiders and other insects from inhabiting the fronds of your trees. Diamond cutting and sculpting can leave your trees looking like a work of art, including that beautiful “pineapple” look. Palm tree cosmetic services is something we highly recommend that you leave to the professionals. Even though the optimal time for this service isn’t until spring, it’s never too early to meet with our arborists about palm skinning and other palm services. If your palms are not looking their best, call us to schedule your appointment today!

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Lawn Fungus? Problem Solved!

Lawn Fungus? Problem Solved!

Ever notice brown patches on your otherwise beautiful green lawn? Your lawn may have “Lawn Fungus”. Lawn Fungus can be caused by over watering, humidity, drought, pest waste, and/or substandard lawn care. And with monsoon season upon us, your grass is more susceptible to fungus.

Here are some tips to help prevent fungus from infecting your lawn:
• Water early in the day, allowing the daytime to dry your grass
• Sharpen and disinfect your mower blades, ragged grass blades are more susceptible to fungus
• Remove no more than 1/3 of the grass height, this weakens or stresses your grass
• Don’t under or over fertilize; both can increase the risk of the disease
• If already infected, you made need to apply a topical fungicide to your lawn
• Brown Patch, Dollar Spot and Fairy Ring are common in Las Vegas

First Choice Tree Service has licensed Plant Health Care Techs that can apply a fungicide treatment to bring your lawn back to its full beauty. Give us a call today at 702-564-1998 to schedule your appointment.

Pssst… Now is also the time to treat for grubs that are feasting on the roots of trees, plants and turf!


Stop the Bleed, CPR and AED Certification Workshop

Stop the Bleed, CPR and AED Certification Workshop

Would you know what do in the event of a medical emergency? The very nature of our industry requires us to be prepared for anything. Recently, First Choice Tree Service employees participated in a “Stop the Bleed” training class held at the Linn Mills Safety and Training Center at our yard.

They learned to recognize life-threatening bleeding and were trained in advance first aid techniques, such as applying direct pressure at the site of a wound, packing a wound to control bleeding and in the use of a tourniquet. Employees also received CPR and AED instruction and certification.

Deaths from blood loss can happen quickly. If heavy bleeding isn’t stopped, a person can die in just five minutes. Administering CPR or using an AED in a cardiac arrest event can significantly increase the victim’s chances of survival. These skills can be performed on the victim as necessary until trained first responders arrive on the scene.

First Choice Tree Service understands the risks our employees face on a daily basis, especially our field crews. The ever present dangers they face range from heat related illness and falls to serious injuries from chainsaws. We hope our employees never find themselves in the midst of a serious medical event. However, they can feel confidence in their new found skills that could ultimately save the life of their coworker or anyone who is in need of immediate action until help arrives.

The average adult has about 1.2 to 1.5 gallons (4.5 to 5.5 litres) of blood circulating inside their body as demonstrated above. Uncontrollable bleeding is a major cause of preventable deaths.

First Choice Tree Service employees participating in bandaging.

Crew member performs CPR. Defibrillation pads from AED unit are placed on the patients bare chest to administer electric shock.

Safety is the key to a successful company!

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First Choice Tree Service Holds Aerial Rescue Training Workshop

First Choice Tree Service Holds Aerial Rescue Training Workshop

Todd Kramer, nationally renowned safety expert instructed the workshop

On May 10th, 2019, we hosted an Aerial Rescue Training Workshop with a grant received from ASTI (Arborist Safety Training Institute).  Over 100 Certified Arborists, Certified Treecare Safety Professionals and tree care workers from all over the nation, and members of local fire and rescue agencies participated to learn life saving techniques in tree aerial rescue.

Certified Treecare Safety Professional and ISA Certified Arborist, Todd Kramer, of Kramer Tree Specialists, Inc., instructed the workshop. Todd Kramer has been teaching aerial rescue and emergency response courses for more than 15 years throughout the United States.

Tree care professionals face many hazards, some can be fatal. We at First Choice Tree Service understand the great importance of and invest much of our resources in safety by conducting safety meetings, training and workshops regularly to ensure the safety of our most important assets, our employees and clients.  Special thanks to Todd Kramer for offering tree care professionals and first responders specialized training in learning the best and safest ways to work together in this type of rescue.

First Choice Tree Service – Root Barrier Installation

First Choice Tree Service – Root Barrier Installation

Our Landscape and Transplant crew installed root barrier around the edge of this pool deck. Root barrier acts as an underground wall that keeps plant or tree roots and hardscapes from conflicting. First Choice uses waterjet technology, a high water pressure process to trench and vacuum the slurry from the ground. This process has a minimal impact on the landscape, hardscape and plant material. The root barrier is then placed in the trench and backfilled with soil.


Root barrier is a great option for aggressive root systems because it re-directs the roots from landscapes and hardscapes, preventing potentially costly damage to one or both. This entire course of action can save costly repairs on sidewalks, driveways, property walls, pool decks and underground utilities.


Before you consider removing a tree or plants due to root issues, consider this alternative. Call us today for a free consultation.