Ever notice brown patches on your otherwise beautiful green lawn? Your lawn may have “Lawn Fungus”. Lawn Fungus can be caused by over watering, humidity, drought, pest waste, and/or substandard lawn care. And with monsoon season upon us, your grass is more susceptible to fungus.

Here are some tips to help prevent fungus from infecting your lawn:
• Water early in the day, allowing the daytime to dry your grass
• Sharpen and disinfect your mower blades, ragged grass blades are more susceptible to fungus
• Remove no more than 1/3 of the grass height, this weakens or stresses your grass
• Don’t under or over fertilize; both can increase the risk of the disease
• If already infected, you made need to apply a topical fungicide to your lawn
• Brown Patch, Dollar Spot and Fairy Ring are common in Las Vegas

First Choice Tree Service has licensed Plant Health Care Techs that can apply a fungicide treatment to bring your lawn back to its full beauty. Give us a call today at 702-564-1998 to schedule your appointment.

Pssst… Now is also the time to treat for grubs that are feasting on the roots of trees, plants and turf!