Lawn Fungus? Problem Solved!

Ever notice brown patches on your otherwise beautiful green lawn? Your lawn may have “Lawn Fungus”. Lawn Fungus can be caused by over watering, humidity, drought, pest waste, and/or substandard lawn care. And with monsoon season upon us, your grass is more susceptible to fungus.

Here are some tips to help prevent fungus from infecting your lawn:
• Water early in the day, allowing the daytime to dry your grass
• Sharpen and disinfect your mower blades, ragged grass blades are more susceptible to fungus
• Remove no more than 1/3 of the grass height, this weakens or stresses your grass
• Don’t under or over fertilize; both can increase the risk of the disease
• If already infected, you made need to apply a topical fungicide to your lawn
• Brown Patch, Dollar Spot and Fairy Ring are common in Las Vegas

First Choice Tree Service has licensed Plant Health Care Techs that can apply a fungicide treatment to bring your lawn back to its full beauty. Give us a call today at 702-564-1998 to schedule your appointment.

Pssst… Now is also the time to treat for grubs that are feasting on the roots of trees, plants and turf!



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