It’s another windy day in Las Vegas. Ever wonder why we call our plant health customers to reschedule their service on windy days? Licensed applicators are mandated by the Nevada Department of Agriculture to strictly follow label instructions without exception on many of the chemicals used for plant health.  Most restricted use chemicals have wind guidelines to negate drifting or unwanted contamination outside the service site.

Other reasons we adhere to wind guidelines is due to the nature of the chemical. Whether it’s a fertilizer or pre-emergent application that is tinted and can stain or leave unwanted residue on homes, vehicles or outdoor furniture; or another treatment application that could put spray techs at risk, it’s best to always consider best practices on whether to spray plant health applications during wind events.

Although rescheduling applications due to wind at times inconveniences our customers, First Choice Tree Service always takes care to follow label instructions, adhere to state mandated guidelines, and do what’s best for our customers and the safety of our spray techs.