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Proper pruning can improve the overall health and appearance of your trees and the safety of the surrounding environment.

Pruning away dead, damaged, diseased or broken limbs can ward off insect infestation and the spread of disease to your trees.

Clearance pruning can prevent damage from overgrown branches and not allow an access point for pests and rodents to your home or business.

Let our ISA Certified Arborists take a look at your trees to determine the type of pruning needed to help you protect your most valued landscape investment—your trees.

Disease, insects and poor soil conditions can threaten the health of your trees.

Not knowing the underlying causes and remedies to tree health issues can result in decline or even the death of your trees.

Our Plant Health Care Department offers a full range of services designed to provide your trees with the nutrients and protection they need to flourish.

These services include fertilization, insect, disease and weed control and fruit reduction applications.

Let us do a plant health assessment and develop a program to ensure your trees and shrubs receive the appropriate treatments to maintain their optimum health and beauty.

Some trees have value beyond their financial worth.

People can have real emotional and sentimental connections with their trees.

But sometimes it is necessary to move the trees we treasure.

Our transplant crews are trained in large tree boxing, tree salvage and relocation.

We offer pre- and post-transplant care and can provide tree salvage both on and off-site.

Pre-transplant services include anti-transpiration sprays to help reduce water loss and bio-stimulant treatments to encourage root growth.

Post-transplant care includes root stimulation treatments, cabling, pruning and fertilization.

We use the latest tree excavation equipment that helps us to achieve higher survival rates of transplanted trees.

It is important to regularly prune palms to remove seed pods, fruit and dead fronds to reduce safety hazards from fallen fronds and the mess caused to pools and decks.

Proper palm care can also lessen the risk of fire and habitation of unwanted pests.

Mostly, routine maintenance will enhance the health and beauty of your palms.

First Choice Tree Service has the expertise to properly care for all palm varieties.

We also provide aesthetic palm services, such as, palm skinning, diamond cutting and sculpting.

Removing a tree may become necessary if a tree is dead, dying, damaging the surrounding landscape, hardscapes and physical structures or pose dangerous safety hazards.

Dead trees attract insects and give shelter to pests, and/or may fall on cars, homes and other structures.

We can offer you a customized approach to tree removal that will meet your needs and budget.

We have highly trained crews who specialize in the most technical and highly complex tree removal projects.

A beautiful landscape can contribute to our well-being and quality of life, and add curb appeal and value to our homes and businesses.

Our talented landscape staff is exceptionally hands on from creating landscape design concepts to the completion of your landscaping project, and has a combined experience of over 100 years in all aspects of commercial and residential landscape.

We offer construction landscape, irrigation, installation and design services.

We can handle any job, from installing new plants, trees and shrubs to irrigation systems, mulch, soil and turf.

We also install desertscapes, hardscapes, and grass conversions.

Las Vegas’s notoriously high winds and fierce storms can uproot and fall even the strongest of trees.

Fallen trees can block streets, damage structures and vehicles, and disrupt everyday normal life.

A quick response is essential to restore your peace of mind.

First Choice Tree Service crews are highly trained and have state of the art equipment and the resources necessary to handle any tree emergency.

We are available to assist you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Nothing inspires and sets the mood of the holiday season like beautiful holiday lighting and décor.

First Choice Tree Service can help to make your holidays more festive by offering holiday lighting and décor installation services for your community common areas and your businesses.

We also offer holiday décor touch ups and material storage.

Call us to make your holidays merrier and brighter.

P. S. Let us help you get in the patriotic spirit for Independence Day too!

The warmth of a fire can create a cozy ambience.

Firewood can also flavor foods and heat your home.

Wood from our completed jobs is brought back to our yard, separated, split, stacked and is ready to purchase.

Split wood and whole rounds are available in mixed woods, pine and mesquite varieties.

Firewood is sold in quantities as small as a trunkful to a full cord.

Wood chips are also available for purchase and delivery for use in your gardening and landscaping projects.

First Choice Tree Service now offers construction landscape, irrigation installation and design services.

Did you know First Choice Tree Service has an on-site tree nursery?

If you’re looking for high quality small to large boxed trees for your landscaping project, we have what you’re looking for.

We carry a wide variety of tree species, from mutli-trunk Mediterranean palms and Canary palms to large olive and pine trees.

No need to wait for smaller trees to grow when you can enjoy the look of beautiful mature trees in your landscape.

Stop by our yard today to check out our nursery!