​Do you know what the difference is between stump grinding and stump removal? You need to know the difference when making a decision to remove a tree stump, especially if you intend to grow another tree in the same space.

Stump Removal – is the removal of the entire stump, including the root ball of the tree. The size of the root ball is several times larger than the tree itself. Removing the root ball can be challenging. This method is more labor intensive and tends to be more costly. However, because removing the root ball leaves such a large hole, it may be your best option for planting a new tree in the same location.

Stump Grinding – is the removal of the stump with a grinding tool. A stump grinder is a high powered tool that grinds the stump into smaller pieces. The stump grinder has the ability to grind the stump to several inches below ground, so the stump is not visible or can be covered. The small pieces can then be used as a ground cover or mulch. In time, the stump will decay along with the roots. This method is a more economical option compared to the cost of a full stump removal.

When deciding which option is best for your needs, consult a professional certified arborist. First Choice Tree Service has 5 certified arborists on staff and can help you with this and any of your tree care needs.


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