Proper tree care is so important to the life of trees. Without regular maintenance, such as pruning, fertilization and adequate watering, the lifespan of a tree can be cut significantly. Improperly cared for or neglected trees are susceptible to disease and insect infestation, which can cause a decline in the health of a tree. Trees with heavy canopies due to lack of pruning or weakened by neglect are at a greater risk of broken branches or falling in severe weather events, creating safety hazards.

Improper care or neglect of trees can ultimately result in the removal of the trees. Case in point; the trees pictured had not been maintained over the years. Note the dramatic difference in the health of the trees pictured in 2009, and same trees 10 years later in 2019. The cost of removing these trees is well into the thousands, not including the loss in property values.

Many homeowners think they are saving money by not properly maintaining their trees. However, the beauty, health and safety of your trees rely on regular tree care. Beautiful, well cared for trees are healthier, live longer, are more attractive and add value to your home for many years to come.