Transplanting a tree, or moving a tree from one location to another may seem a risky proposition but sometimes is worth it. Maybe you have a beautiful healthy tree that’s causing damage to nearby structures or hardscape. Or maybe the tree was planted in an area too small for its mature growth. Or maybe you’re attached to a tree and you want it to move with you. There are many motivations for transplanting a tree but there is one serious consideration if you should decide to relocate your tree; make sure to consult an arborist.

An arborist can perform an assessment to determine if the tree is a good candidate for relocation. He/she can also identify if the new location is suitable for transplanting. Survival rates of transplanted trees depends on many factors, including the type of tree, how mature it is, when it was planted, etc. An arborist will not recommend relocation of a tree if the tree is stressed and/or in decline, and would not survive transplantation.

Fertilization, pest control and general post-transplant care will increase the success rate of a newly transplanted tree. Your arborist will recommend an after-transplant care program to ensure your tree embraces its new location and will stay healthy for years to come. Contact us for more information on tree transplantation.